Rekey Mortise Lock

Exterior door mortise lock repair, rekey and maintenance service. Professional locksmith service in Tucson, AZ to install new locks, rekey and repair existing door locks, handles and push bars. Call Now!

Mortise Lock Rekey Service

rekey mortise lock
Commercial locksmith service to rekey and repair mortise locks.

Mortise Lock Rekey

Locksmith Near me in Tucson can rekey all your door locks, create a Master Key System that provides different level of access control and security. We can rekey your door locks to either work with your existing keys or make new and duplicate keys for your business.

mortise lock repair
Maintenance and repair of a mortise door lock case and cylinder.

Mortise Lock Repair

Locksmith Near Me technicians in Tucson will make sure that all parts of your locks are are working properly. They will clean and lubricate the mortise cylinder and, make sure the latch bolt is working properly, aligned with the door strike plate and secures when the door is closed. We will also tighten any loose parts, repair broken door levers, knobs or panic bar door handles.

high security lock and key
Mortise lock with high security key and pins.

High Security Mortise Lock & Key

The advanced features on a high security lock increases the lock resistance to compromise such as picking, bumping and forced entry. The lock itself is made of stronger materials with a higher tolerance and an advanced design that utilizes steel rods, bearings and high security pins. The cuts on a high security key also help make the lock pick resistant thus increasing security.